Dear Trump Voters, Do you Feel Buyer's Remorse Yet?

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Dear Trump Voters, Do you Feel Buyer's Remorse Yet?

As we enter the second half of President Trump’s first hundred days in office, America is starting to get a clearer picture of what “Making America Great Again” looks like. Trump started off innocently enough by implementing an irresponsible federal hiring freeze and issuing an executive order demanding two regulations be removed for every new one put into place. From there, he followed through on a campaign promise to scrap the widely misunderstood TPP. It is at this point, Trump began to reveal his true colors and let his inner authoritarian come out.


It began with the first travel ban, a measure enacted to effectively restrict the travel of people from seven Muslim majority countries. It was enacted without concern for the laws previously passed that it violated and dressed up as an action that would protect Americans from terrorism. Several courts around the country saw through the transparent xenophobia of this executive action and effectively blocked the travel ban. Trump then attacked the judiciary, claiming these judges were responsible for acts of terror carried out in the interim.


So, Trump set his sights on other immigrants and began immigration sweeps that have led to the detention of those seeking help for domestic violence, those seeking emergency medical care, and tearing apart dozens of families across the nation. Then, the Trump team doubled down on their travel ban. The second version is just as unconstitutional as the first, but was implemented after the travel industry had claimed that these restrictions are harming their industry.


While Trump has taken public positions against immigrants, Muslims, the federal judiciary, the Pope, and more, he has launched a war on the media that is fraying away public trust in institutions at a rapid rate. He’s done this by trotting out a laundry list of idiotic sycophants to parrot Steve Bannon’s worldview to the general public. It began with Kellyanne Conway’s spin-doctor, alternative fact bullshit and progressed to Sean Spicer’s gum swallowing high school bully routine. Trump participates in his personal war on the media via his Twitter account, declaring detracting media outlets as “fake news” while making patently false assertions that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama. Despite not residing remotely in the realm of fact, Trump will face no repercussions, just as he breaks promise after promise made to his voters.


Trump has utterly failed at his promise to develop a plan destroy ISIS in his first 30 days in office. Although, he has increased drone strikes and expanded CIA power to carry them out (which should infuriate the Obama critics). He is also failing spectacularly to follow through on his promise to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare with a superior plan. The American Health Care Act is an abject disaster that would see 24 million Americans lose their health insurance. In its current iteration, the ACHA may not even make it out of the House.


All of Trump’s presidential actions and his election victory have been stained by the taint of his rumored campaign ties to Russia. Last year, Trump publically called for Russian hackers to expose the email of Hillary Clinton, but it looks like several members of his campaign and administration have taken matters further. Paul Manafort’s ties to Russia were uncovered along with Roger Stone’s contact with Wikileaks. Mike Flynn lost his place as National Security Adviser due to illicit meetings with Russian ambassadors. Attorney General Jeff Sessions perjured himself during his confirmation hearing when asked about his contacts with Russia. Foreign policy adviser Carter Page had meetings with the same ambassador as Sessions.


On top of the illicit ties to Russia, several of Trump’s proposals threaten to make America  more dangerous than previous administrations. In order to implement his ludicrous Mexican border wall proposal, Trump wants massive cuts to the Coast Guard, FEMA, and the TSA. Trump’s virulent rhetoric has led to the destruction of two Texas mosques, numerous threats against synagogues and Jewish Community Centers, and attacks on random people perceived as foreign. His revocation of an Obama era guidance on transgender bathroom legislation has correlated with a spate of attacks on transgendered.


The promises that Trump is following through on are rendering our federal government impotent to face the growing threat of global climate change. The Trump administration is waging a war against the media because they feel entitled to their own version of events. Trump is not following through on the campaign promises that his voters claimed to support such as bringing coal and steel jobs back to the Rust Belt. Trump is making it painfully obvious that his government exists to serve those rich enough to buy access to it. His business deals carried out by his sons and in-laws continue to represent a massive violation to the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and a conflict of interest. He is on track to set records for vacation time taken as President after pledging not to take any during the campaign.


With all these unfulfilled promises, outright failures, and emerging scandals at every turn, are the Trump voters out there feel buyer’s remorse yet? They should be.

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