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Mamba Mentality

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Sunday the world was hit with the devastating news of the death of NBA superstar Kobe “Bean” Bryant.  Admittedly I had a complicated relationship with Kobe. I’ve always admired his on court brilliance, but I never really liked young Kobe.  The brash electrify star was not my cup of tea at the time.  Just like D’Angelo’s Voodoo album my appreciation for Bean came later in his storied career.  I fell in love with the dark superhero called the Black Mamba.  This new iteration of Kobe was like a wise yoda figure that still possessed the superpowers of his youth with a brilliant mentally that few could match.  Kobe became an elder statesman that taught the game to his young students while destroying them at the same time.  The news of his death took the wind out of me in a similar fashion to hearing that Magic Johnson contracted the HIV virus.

The mamba mentality really speaks to me on a different level today.  Kobe had an unmatched work ethic and a brilliant mind. His skill and passion for basketball put him near the top of any NBA greatest discussion, but his second act promised to be as great as his NBA career.  The lesson that Kobe teaches us is to attack you goals with sheer unbridled passion and chase your dreams furiously.

Rest in Power Kobe Bean Bryant and young queen GG along with the other victims of this tragedy.

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