The Dame Dash Effect

The Dame Dash Effect

In the mid 1990s Damon Dash and his then partner Jay Z unleashed a movement on Hip Hop called Rocafella Records.  This label enjoyed a stable of artist that included Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Cam’ron, & his crew the Dipset among others.  They went on to dominate the 90s and Jay Z became a pop superstar.  The duo not only created a successful record label, but also went on to create a popular clothing line under the same Rocafella umbrella.  The two hip hop titans later spit with Jay Z going on to enormous pop success and Dash seemingly left on the outside.  Unlike Jay Z, Dash was seen as the arrogant loud mouth bully that burned all of his bridges once the duo split.  In the spirit of full disclosure I never really like Damon Dash or anything that came from the Rocafella movement.


Fast forward to April 10 2013 my homie TQ tells me to check out a podcast entitled the Combat Jack Show.  This particular episode featured Damon Dash.  I have never been a Damon Dash fan, but I go on and give it a listen.  As I’m listening to the show one thing is becoming abundantly clear, I really like this dude.  He speaks about being an entrepreneur and about his business ventures outside of the music business.  The more I listen the more he sounds like a hip hop Marcus Garvey.  The consistent message coming from Damon Dash is self-reliance and ownership.

Mr. Dash said. “Every corporate infrastructure–it’s like we’re a bunch of circles trying to fit in square pegs, and it doesn’t work. And that’s what everyone here feels. Like, I don’t fit in that world. Because the way it’s built, only a certain amount of people will win, and everyone else will lose and get exploited.”

The Dame Dash effect:
What is the Dame Dash effect? The Dame Dash effect is the philosophy that we have unlimited possibilities all we need is the attitude and balls to take a leap and get what you want. Society teaches us in the black community to go get a job, a good job. We are taught to stay in our lane and stay inside the box. The Dame Dash effect teaches us to create our own lanes, find your own way and F that box.

Behind the swag are Harlem bravado is an entrepreneurial genius who is trying to give us the blueprint for independence and self-reliance…

Is any one listening?

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